Social Media and the Internet : Are we doing it right? 

This here is a very debatable issue. Everybody has an opinion about Facebook, Twitter, instagram. You know the drill. 

A couple of years ago, none of this was available. Communication with people living miles away was difficult. People living away from homes could only talk over phones,  which sometimes meant  exorbitant call rates if you were staying on different sides for borders. 

Then came the internet and E-mail. What followed was a phenomenon of such magnitude that most of us can’t imagine our lives without it! 

The Internet is an amazing tool. Connectivity made so simple, that everybody is just a click away,all the information in the world is available on the next click. 

E-mails kicked letters our of fashion, messengers made sending emoticons in, Facebook (or back in the days Orkut)  reconnected you with your old friends, YouTube made sharing videos with family easy. Google saved everybody major headaches, because come on,  is there any bit of information that Google can’t dig out for you? 

For a moment, I was amazed. Stunned at how much one Internet connection can do. It had the potential to change lives. In massive ways.  Think about Mark Zuckerberg. 

And then, like every other thing in this world, the Internet showed its dark side. People all over the world got so addicted to it, that they preferred spending hours on the Internet over everything else. Getting Facebook likes was given more importance over people liking you in person, clicking selfies for instagram was more important than enjoying the moment, googling your assignments was cooler than looking it up in textbooks. 

Suddenly, the virtual world was more alluring than the real. People lost their human touch. 

But if you think about it, we have ruined it for ourselves. The Internet is still magnificent. Facebook still keeps you connected with the world and also keeps you updated with the latest news if you’re somebody who doesn’t like reading the papers. YouTube gives you access to millions of videos, to motivate yourself, to share a laugh, to change thought processes even! Instagram has given hope to so many amateur photographers and writers who didn’t have much exposure before. 

Talent is now out in the open. Some of my friends have been doing some phenomenonal work on the Internet. 

For instance, my friend has a successful Facebook page for sharing her art. We knew what an amazing talent she is, even before she started her page, but Facebook has given her so much more appreciation and encouragement which she truly deserves . Here’s a link to her page. Please do check her out.

Amazing work, I can vouch for that. 

Another friend of mine is a fellow blogger on WordPress. I’ve seen her grow from a shy, reserved girl to writing her thoughts so poetically on this platform. Her growth has been inspiring to me on so many levels. This is a link to her blog. Great stuff to read!

The Internet can take you anywhere as long as you let it drag you,  without your control. Yes it’s a maze you can’t get out of easily, but while you’re at it, may as well make the best out of it. 

Thanks for reading. Have a great day:)